Saturday 23rd January 2016, runs from 8am-8pm

The TechTown Hack Day

Grab a ticket

Join us on the 23rd January 2016 at Barnsley DMC for the first #TechTown Hack Day. Tickets are FREE.

We want you to come along and help to create something awesome (you don't have to be technical: thinkers, planners and doers welcome).

Ideas we have had so far include:

  • Building a blue print for a hack day, to share with the other towns / cities (a hack day to plan a hack day, how meta is that?)
  • A tool to locate people within the digital community (A Geek Seeker if you will)
  • A tool to help with cross language communication and collaboration (perhaps hook into a translation API?)
  • An international job board (the internet is a worldwide thing)

Perhaps you have one better? Let us know.


Coffee / Registration
Idea building and introductions
Team building and setting goals
Hacking begins
Lunch and status update
Status update and help requests
Coffee break
Presentation start
End - Post-Hack Party

TechTown is 11 cities and towns around Europe who want to grow their own digital communities and economies

TechTown is led by

Enterprising Barnsley Digital Media Centre

TechTown is a project funded by

Barnsley Council URBACT

Facilitated by

Genius Division Make Do